In this Industry Since 2012......


At Om Sai Industries, we are ready to go that extra mile for our customers’ smile and complete satisfaction of those we serve.

Those behind the manufacturing process mainly identify the product quality. At Om Sai Industries people are in constant pursuit of excellence in upgrading the product for paper industries. They, who deserve the term of quality, keeping in mind the ever-growing industries Om Sai Industries is all set-to-set new standards, new dimension and new application.

In Our R&D Laboratories, Our team is continuously working on incorporating latest innovations into our present as well as newer products. Due to this inherent urge to achieve excellence, we have developed Pasting Gum, Corrugation Gum, Plant Automatic Gum which is easily dispersible in hot water and better penetration to form deeper fiber-treating bonds with minimal stack cure time.

Our prime objective is to win the trust and confidence of the customers by supplying top quality products.

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