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Kraft Paper & Duplex Paper

We are dealers of Kraft Paper & Duplex Board. We deal with number of paper manufacturing mills having large production lines and which make consistent quality paper. This paper is mainly used in the corrugation and called packing industry

Why Recycle?
* Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources.

* Recycling saves energy.

* Recycling saves clean air and clean water.

* Recycling saves landfill space.

* Recycling can save money and create jobs.

More Recycling Facts:
Each ton of recycled paper can save:

* 17 Trees

*1440 liters of Oil

*3 cubic yards of Landfill Space

* 4,000 kilowatts of Energy

* 26,500 liters of Water

Product Description

Colour Brown/ White
GSM 100 to 180 GSM / 230 to 450 GSM
Usage / Application Packaging + Paper Bag
Corrugated Rolls
Corrugated Rolls & sheets
Corrugated Rolls

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