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Evidence FOPO 36-2 No 14 House of Commons of Canada

commercial fishery

Mr. Speaker, this bill is a step in the right direction. Our government in the Province of Nova Scotia must continue to show leadership in encouraging renewable energy in this province, something that is going to benefit our province, benefit our children, and benefit our environment for the long-term future. This is a first step, and I continue to assure you that we will continue to pressure this government and to pressure Nova Scotia Power and all producers of electricity to move toward renewable energy for the benefit of our entire province. I know the minister is going to say, in the House today, that that money is better in the pockets of farmers. Well, I want to know if he asked those farmers that when they were standing on the steps of the Legislature last Spring, when the federation was leading the charge about the lack of initiative of this government to deal with the crisis in agriculture. I want to know if he had asked the farmers then, what they would have said.

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There are no eggs underneath the tails of that 75%. You can’t say these are egg-bearing females, because you can’t see them, but after you cook them and break them off, 60% have eggs in their bodies. That’s one of the problems…what’s lacking in this https://broker-review.org/ fishery. This is just common knowledge by fishermen like myself. If my boat is not paid by now, there’s a problem. But there’s a lot of concern among these younger fishermen.

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  • Mr. Speaker, I can tell you that although our country is a bilingual one where both official languages are recognized, the fact is that Bill No. 130 is presented to this Chamber in one language – in English.
  • So the Marshall decision put an end to the need for a black market.
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  • As the Speaker knows, this bill was introduced at a time, and came to the Law Amendments Committee, right before the municipal election.

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  • I would have preferred it if the minister had moved much more aggressively on this topic.
  • One of the things we felt strongly about is that the buyback would allow a lot of the natives to come into the fishery as equals.
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Therefore be it resolved that the members of this House congratulate John Henderson for his many years of public service to local government in Springhill and wish him continued success and health. Mr. Speaker, as a means of trying to encourage and fast-track the use of French language in our court systems, it was my belief that it was time for the Bar Society to give recognition to a group that has been in existence for some time. It’s known as L’Association des juristes expression français de la Nouvelle Écosse which is made up of lawyers who provide French language services and who are interested in promoting the use of the French language in our court system. As I said before, in a previous debate on this legislation at second reading, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this type of legislation. As a paramedic and a member of the Nova Scotia College of Paramedics, we have been fighting for many years to seek legislation like this on a national level, in Ottawa, Mr. Speaker. Our association, the Nova Scotia College of Paramedics is definitely behind changes in legislation that would allow mandatory testing in certain circumstances.

In 2003, the Legislature passed a resolution that the minister would contact the federal government regarding the housing located in the former military base at Shannon Park. We have heard many media reports about plans for the land, including razing the housing to build a stadium, and allowing it to go to private developers. It is critical this housing be preserved for the hundreds of families in HRM who need affordable housing. A community group has formed with the goal of preserving the housing stock in Shannon Park. Throughout this time, the position of our caucus has been that it was a bill that was brought forward by the member, with the apparent agreement of many of the police forces around the province. We agreed not to stand in the way of that legislation and, indeed, we have not.

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The Standing Committee and I have already asked for a review of the management regime of Fisheries and Oceans. It was not transparent enough for us and people at the grassroots were not being adequately heard out. So I guess you could say the three elements of our existing structure, as you’re bringing anybody into the structure, must remain intact. From the enforcement point of view, I’m not going to ask anyone….


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So in those fisheries, incomes of the fishermen who did traditionally fish there declined below what they had averaged for years. We saw your report a couple of years ago, which the committee was presented. You’re saying that it’s still happening today under the ITQ system. I wonder if you could explain a bit as to why there is dumping on the high seas today under that system.

With her passing, Nova Scotians have lost a vast reservoir of knowledge and a dear friend. On behalf of our caucus, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to her family and friends – Shirley Elliott will be missed. Dr. Elliott was also a visionary, preserving the unique richness and feel of our centuries old library, while at the same time transforming it into a modern and efficient gold mine of information for students, teachers, politicians, historians and her fellow librarians. It is important to note that there is no “safe” option for day trading. It is vital that day trading is limited to only a tiny portion of your investment portfolio. However, there are “safer” options, and that would be large-cap companies with lower overall volatility.

I think the member will agree that at each stage, we raised concerns when they were necessary, but we did not inhibit the progress of this bill. They’re professionals, and they don’t want to be on strike. With this legislation, Mr. Speaker, it gives binding arbitration, which is good for all parties. It’s good for the employer and it’s good for the employee.

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foster families

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