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Automatic Plant Gum powder

 Corrugation Gum Powder- SCG HS, SCG SP, SCG Neutral, SCG High PH

Fine, Dry & Off White cream color Powder. It is based on best Quality of Starch specially treated and formulated by various additives. It Forms Solution when Mixed With Water.

 Appearance  Off-white Powder
 Moisture Content  3% (% by weight, max.)
 Ash Content  1% (% by weight, max.)
 Viscosity  20 to 25 seconds (measure in B4 cup
 PH  Alkaline
Fantastic CORRUGATION gum is available in various grades as per solid to water ratio-
1:3 1:4 1:5 1:6
 Product  Description
 FCG HS  Specially developed for High speed automatic multi  layer  corrugated board manufacturing.
 FCG FP  Specially developed for deep freezing packaging boxes.
 FCG Neutral  It is moisture & water resistant Partially cold water  soluble neutral  Corrugation gum.
 FCG High pH  Partially cold water soluble high ph Corrugation gum.
Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds with minimal stack cure time.
It increases Dry strength as measured by the PAT ( Pin adhesion test), ECT ( Edge Crush Test) and  BCT (box crush test).
Dry in a required time, which ultimately results faster running speeds – resulting in higher production output.
High mileage & low consumption improves Pin Adhesion.
Superior bonding
Long Storage Life
Versatile – for use on both water-resistant and domestic board, and improves bonding on high-performance linerboards
 Our specialty lies in the fact that we can provide CORRUGATION GUM POWDER exactly according to the customer’s requirement and preference. Special attention is given for every delivery to maintain consistency in the quality.

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